Making Grammar Fun in Palma de Mallorca

Many thanks to everyone who stayed around for my session in Palma this afternoon … and then still had enough interest to visit this blog.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give the session at 3pm as planned.

You can download the main handout and copies of the other handouts from ELT materials – please also leave your comments and suggestions there …

Una abraçada a tothom



Even More Glamorous Grammar and Sexier Lexis at Master Languages

Thanks to everyone who came to my session at Master Languages.  I enjoyed it and I hope you did too.

Please download the handouts from ELT Materials.

If you have any comments or suggestions for future sessions, please add them to this blog!

Casino Lexicale in Flash

Here’s a Flash-based version of Casino Lexicale.

I’m currently writing a reflection on the design and implementation process.  I’m also trialling the software with my Senior 5 and FCE students at the British Council.

Please post your comments on the design and content of the application and feel free to use it with your students!

Even More Glamorous Grammar at TESOL-SPAIN

Thanks to everyone who came to my session at TESOL-SPAIN in Lleida this morning. I enjoyed it – at least once someone came and unlocked the cupboard and let me connect the data projector – and I hope you did too.

Please download the handouts from ELT Materials and leave your comments there!

Even More Glamorous Grammar at APAC

Thanks to those of you who came to my session at APAC this morning.  I hope you enjoyed it – I certainly did.

You can download the main handout and the Casino Lexicale template from the section marked ELT materials. Please leave your comments, suggestions or questions there!

If you missed the session, I’ll be giving it again at TESOL Spain in Lleida on Saturday 13 March.

MA DTCE and ELT Materials page updates

I’ve added new content to EmTech and EDES under MA DTCE and am continuing to develop ELT materials.  No travel photos yet: I’m trying to sort out my Flickr account …

Use the page links to access the sections that interest you and please leave your comments!

I’m going to continue adding to and editing pages in this way for the time being, and will give regular updates via Google Reader for those of you who have subscribed.  Let me know what you think about this approach, too.

First things first

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